Keelboat FAQ

About training contents

Can you run with spin?
I will train at Geneka Sale instead of spin sale.

About the system after official opening in 2017

Can I rent a J / 70 yacht?
Although there is no system called rental, we offer a system called free sailing. For free sailing, members will be allowed to ride freely after having a reservation on the day the boat is available. There is no special charge other than membership fee.
Can I ride a single hand?
For free sailing, you can get on if you qualify for more than ISPA cruiser’s day skipper.
Is there an outboard engine attached to J / 70?
It comes with. Basically, inside the harbor is a machine race.
Can I ride a child?
There is a program called Keelboat Club Youth (for Youth). Entry qualifications are junior high school, high school, college student. The main purpose of our program of this time is “to increase the yacht population by one person”. Joining more people than junior high school students is a pleasure to expand the frontage.

About members

In free sailing, if there is only one member, can non-members ride together?
Although there is no plan at this stage, we will consider according to future situation.