Welcome to Yokohama BaySide Marina !!

We want to express our hearty welcome to you. We hope you will experience great friendship with many Japanese people during your stay in Yokohama Bay Side Marina. Please feel free to ask us questions about anything of our facilities you don’t understand.
The depth that is the most shallow in a marina is 4m.

The character of YBM
*Our marina opened April 1996.
*Japan’s largest marina with capacity of 1,500 boats.
*Currently mooring about 1,200 boats.( power boats 60% , sail boats 40% )
*Our visitor berths is approximately 20 boats (30ft class)
*An area of ground and pond covered approx.40hectare.
*Member’s card provides convenience of easy entrance and exit to from pier 24 hours per day365 days per year by the most advanced computer system.
*Our unique information system “Bay Side Whisper” provides weather report, wind and wave, the tide level and etc around here.
*Situated midway between Tokyo Bay and the open ocean, it is a prime spot for fishing and cruising, also a visitor’s pier for many people to enjoy every weekend.

The charge of guest dock (YBM Facilities)
*Center House(Head office)
Reception desk and room / Owner’s room / Meeting room / Security guard office / Shower rooms / Seamen’s Cafe “Pier-1 / Ship Chandler “Core time”
*East House
Registration desk / Reception of Charter cruise / Meeting room / Shower rooms
*West House
Registration desk / Manages the fuel supply berth and the service center / yard / Travel Lift / Vacuum pump
・Fuel supply Berth
We offer a lineup regular gasoline, premium gasoline, and diesel for your boating needs. Our Fuel Berthtr
・Service center
Our experienced staff is also on hand to assist you if requested.
・Maintenance Yard / DIY Yard
Our maintenance Yard is for maintaining your boats at peak condition out of the water.
There are 3 high-pressure cleaners for your convenience when maintaining your boat.
・Travel Lift
The travel lift is equipped lift your boats promptly and safty. ( Up to 20.0m length , 5.5m width , and 40t weight)
・Vacuum pump
There are 2 vacuum pumps available at the Fuel Berth connected to a holding tank. Use the vacuum pumps to avoid contaminating our beautiful ocean.

Affiliated Marina
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club / Hawaii Waikiki Yacht Club / Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor Other information
– Taxi
Please ask at Registration desk.9:00-17:00closed on Tuesday.
Everyone expected to call on the public phone
・Kanagawa Association of Independent Taxi
Tel. 045-755-2121
・NK cabTel.
The taxi will pick up you at the front of Center House parking lot, so you should go there by walk after you called.
– Change money
We can not accept.Please go to the bank.
US$<-->Japanese yen
Bank of Yokohama. In front of Shinsugita station.of JR Line.
Other Currency<-->yen
Bank of Yokohama. In front of Yokohama station branch.
Tel.045- 311-1571 Travel center (1-3-2 Minami-Saiwai Nishiku)
1 min. walks from ” Yokohama ” stn.Of JR Line.
– ATM (automated teller machine)
You can get Yen from your credit card ” VISA” at the Kanazawa Shinko center.
– Laundry
We prepare washing machine at each Pier House ,but we do not have adrier and aplace for drying.
Please ask to Registration desk when you want to use it.
– Garbage
A dustbin is in the side of each Houses.Please separate according to the indication.
– Postal matter
Postbox is available in front of Marine Kikaku Bldg. Post office “Nanbu shijyou branch” is marked with 〒 symbol, 15 minuets by walk from marina.Office hour is 9:00 to 17:00 closed on weekend.
– Hospital
Yokohama City University Hospital
Tel. 045-787-2800 (3-9 Fukuura, Kanazawaku)
1 min. walks from ” Shidai Igakubu” stn. Of Kanazawa Seaside Line
Isogo central & Neurosurgical Hospital
Tel. 045-752-1212 (1-16-26 Mori Isogoku)
5 min walks from “JR Isogo station”
– Supermarket
・Hanamasa (肉のハナマサ) wholesale store
Tel.045-775-4081 (2-4-29 Tomioka higashi Kanazawaku)
10 min walk from YBM (marina)
・COSTCO (コスコ) A membership store
Tel.045-791-6001 (2-6 Sachiura Kanazawaku)
– Berber shop
・ Natsuko Endo hair salon
Tel.045-312-3500 Yokohama BaySheraton Hotel&Towers 6F (1-3-23 Kitasaiwai Nishiku)
-Yokohama Bay Side Marina-

We introduce some overseas yachts that visited us.